Experience technology and digitization: E-House

Hall B7 / Booth B7.631

The E-House is a pioneering example of intelligently networked building technology. The E-House is now well known not only among experts but also among the general public. The 100 square meter walk-in model house clearly demonstrates the possibilities of intelligently networked building technology. The functions on display are always based on state-of-the-art technology, have been tested in practice and are regularly updated. The E-House is supported by 60 partners from the electrical industry. At GET NORD, you can experience the E-House live as well as via VR glasses.

The E-House will focus on the following topics:

  •     Intelligent networking
  •     Comfortable living
  •     Smart control
  •     Efficient energy management
  •     Highest safety standards
  •     Innovative lighting technology
  •     Assistance systems
  •     Charging infrastructure for e-mobility
  •     Linking applications with artificial intelligence (AI)
GET Nord E-Haus