The “Energy Forum – Renewable Energies and E-Mobility” section celebrated a successful premiere at GET NORD 2022 in Hall B3. We would like to continue this in 2024.

As part of the Energy@GET NORD area at GET NORD 2024, the “Energy Forum” will reflect the topics mentioned below with various presentations. Around the forum, exhibitors can also present their innovative products and services – provided they belong to the areas of “energy transition, sector coupling and digitalization”.

Together with the competence team we founded, consisting of experts from the energy industry, representatives of municipal energy suppliers, cluster agencies and network operators, we have identified the following topics for the Energy@GET NORD area:

Topic 1: Energy transition

  • Decarbonization of energy infrastructures
  • Industrial supply with hydrogen
  • Legal guidelines: GE law and Hamburg Climate Protection Act

Topic 2: Sector coupling

  • Municipal heat planning
  • Energy storage, distribution, production surplus
  • Integrated systems and participatory approaches
  • Electromobility and building technology
  • Feed-in from renewable energies and power distribution

Topic 3: Digitalization

  • Digital consumption optimization in existing buildings
  • Digitization of the craft – relief for the masters
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Energy@GET NORD Factsheet

You can find all the important information and good reasons for your participation as an exhibitor in our Energy@GET NORD factsheet. Download the factsheet as PDF here.


Lea Stoessinger

Exhibition Manager


Hall B2 - Energy@GET NORD, Elektro+ Forum@GET NORD, Sponsorship
Lea Stoessinger