Clean drinking water is one of the basic human needs.

At Trinkwasser@GET NORD, experts from the industry come together to promote dialogue on this essential part of our lives.

This area provides a forum for presentations, panel discussions and dialogue. Experience reports, information on available training programmes, innovative ideas, trends and needs on the subject of drinking water will be presented here in an inspiring and creatively designed setting.

We are delighted to be able to realise this area with the professional support, guidance and advice of our experts from the sanitary, heating, air conditioning and plumbing associations.

Main topics:

  • Drinking water regulations / drinking water hygiene
  • Materials for drinking water
  • Implementation of drinking water regulations for the HVAC trades people
  • Water as a resource for drinking water
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Your presentation at our Forum

Registration is now open

The Forum offers all GET NORD 2024 exhibitors an excellent opportunity in informative presentations on the thematic focus Trinkwasser@GET NORD to address potential to customers and appeal to a wide audience.

It is important to emphasise that the presentation should primarily present the concepts, benefits and advantages rather than specifically promoting your own product portfolio. However, a brief mention of the company and its logo at the beginning of the presentation is possible.

All submissions will be reviewed and awarded after consultation with our experts.

We are looking forward to your creative and innovative contributions!

This offer is only valid for accredited exhibitors.

Application deadline: 13 August 2024


Maike Ehle

Exhibition Manager


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Antje Kresse

Consultant basic structure and special shows


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