BDH Infopoint: Current Information on the Heating Sector

The building sector and in particular the heating sector have become the focus of political and public perception. The climate goals set by politicians are ambitious and require a great deal of effort from the entire industry and beyond. Added to this are the challenges arising from reducing germany's dependence on russian gas and oil imports.

Against this background, the federal association of the german heating industry (bdh) was providing information at GET NORD in hall a1, booth 521 on the current political framework conditions in the heating market and on the technical solutions for achieving them. These include efficient heating systems that also integrate renewable energies such as heat pumps, hybrid systems, pv systems, pellet boilers or hydrogen-capable condensing boilers. In addition, the bdh also provides information about home ventilation systems with heat recovery and digital control and regulation technology. Sector coupling in the building also plays an important role, i.e. The merging of the mobility, electricity and heat sectors. In this context, the bdh provides information about home energy management systems (hems). Generators and consumers such as a pv system, a charging station for the electric car, a thermal or electrical storage system and other consumers can be integrated into such a system. As a result, the consumer benefits from maximum energy independence.


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