Architecture transformation

Circularity bound, innovative, sustainable

The greatest task of architecture is to protect people and make their lives more comfortable and secure. In the last few decades we have had to realize that resources are finite. Architecture is increasingly focusing on this insight. This transformation of the architecture means no longer consuming resources, but rather constantly using them in other contexts if necessary. Durability, reuse, alternative materials and new ways of producing and using energy are about to become the norm in architecture.

Architecture transformation is progressing. The International Architecture Forum 2024 therefore presents such current state-of-the-art architectural projects and their thought leaders and shows paths to the future of building.

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The Turning Point - Approaches to Sustainable Architecture

We are at a turning point, marked by ecological and associated social demands – especially on built architecture. Construction and building materials are directly responsible for greenhouse emissions.

The building process itself causes more than 40 percent of environmental impact. Sustainable building is required, of paramount importance  and thrives on creativity of planers. In urgent demand are: Innovative approaches, new visions and best practices for sustainable architecture as well as climate-friendly and socially just built environments and urban living spaces.

For 12 years now, prominent architects have been presenting outstanding examples of best practice at the International ArchitectureForum from all over the world –  the state of the art.

Participation in the International ArchitekturForum

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